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            Enrollment for NEW Students already accepted for the 山东11选5开奖直播-2021 School Year:

            Enrollment Section 1 is for students new to Polk County that were accepted through the lottery or by the audition process for the upcoming school year

            Enrollent Section 2 is for students who were accepted through the lottery or by the audition process who are/or have been a student in Polk Count

            Enrollment Information

            We are a Polk County Magnet/Choice school.  If you would like your child to attend Davenport School of the Arts, you would need to fill out the online application during our open enrollment period November 5-December 13. During this time only, you can find the application on the   This application goes directly to the District office. Once you have completed the application, students are put into a lottery pool by grade level. Polk County School District will pull students from the lottery pool starting in March and will continue till September. If you have applied, this does not guarantee a spot for your child through the Lottery Pool.  If you have any questions regarding your application please contact the Polk county School district at (863)534-0500.

            Dress Code

            Elementary students must wear purple or gold DSA pullover shirts, and middle school students are to wear black, grey or turquoise shirts. All official DSA shirts are available and on sale through the school office.

            Just a reminder as you are out looking for khaki uniform bottoms, please know they must be uniform (not jean material or have brads on them). You can purchase the proper uniform bottoms from the following places: JC Penny, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, Bealls and Old Navy.

            Tennis shoes are preferable, but all shoes must be enclosed in the front and the back. No boots of any kind are allowed. Socks must be in school colors only. A plain black belt must be worn with any uniform bottoms that have belt loops. No large or decorative belt buckles are allowed.

            During cold weather, students may layer long sleeve shirts UNDER their pullover shirts. Long sleeve shirts must be white, black, or gray. Official DSA jackets and sweatshirts are available for sale or order throught the school office. Further information is available through the links provided here. Order forms may be downloaded and printed and turned in to the school office.

            Get Involved

            We welcome parent involvement. There are many ways to be a part of the DSA family. Join the PTO and help with the many events and special activities. PTO membership forms are available for download here.

            Volunteer in the classroom, Media Center, office, or for one of the many activities in the arts. There is a $25 fee required with the application process. Go to to apply.


            Grades K through 2 use color coded cards inside the classroom and the "Arts Card" outside of the classroom. Third through 5th grade students will use the R.E.A.P.
            (Rewards Earned Are Positive) card that is attached to their agenda. Examples of the cards are given below. Teachers mark the cards when discipline is necessary and students earn rewards based on the number of, or lack of, marks on the cards.

            Middle School students have a AAA card attached to their agendas for each 9 weeks. Students earn rewards according to the number of marks on the AAA card. Parents will receive a phone call when a student has accumulated 5 marks on the card and more than 7 marks may result in a referral, work day, or other disciplinary action. See your student's AAA card for details. Parents should check the cards daily and are required to sign agendas at each mark on the card to indicate they have seen the discipline cards.

            Stay informed! Check your student's grades, attendance, and more.

            Polk County Schools Calendar


            School Messenger

            We need your permission to continue calling you with non-emergency school-related information using our SchoolMessenger system.

            Opt in to receive automated messages.

            Find the status of any bus
            delays here.